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Lisk is a relatively new form of digital currency, only coming into formation in May 2016 through the use of an effective ICO. In this initial coin offering, Lisk managed to raise almost $6 million, making it second most successful ICO at the time.

What Is Lisk?

It is a blockchain application platform which is based on its own Blockchain network, with the token LSK. It enables developers to create, distribute and manage decentralised blockchain applications.

The platform was created by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows, who had a vision to make blockchain more accessible and customisable for everyone. Focusing especially on user experience, developer support and in-depth documentation. To put it simply, it offers developers the opportunity to create their own blockchain network as a sidechain, but don’t have to go through the complicated process of creating a network completely from scratch.

Using Lisk, games, social networks, messengers and other applications can be created entirely independently of other platforms, taking away many of the barriers previously in place.

In The Beginning

On April 6 2016, Lisk actually hit the markets, and it certainly made an impact in the world of cryptocurrencies, coming with a valuation of around $3.77. For such a new player in the market, this was a surprisingly high closing rate, yet things still changed rapidly. By the very next day, the value of Lisk was at $4.99, which in just a 24-hour period was a huge jump.

Again however, the price of this cryptocurrency did not stay steady for very long and for the rest of the month it stayed around the $1 mark. Its value then dropped dramatically to a value of 77 cents, which is a huge difference to the price that it was upon its opening, less than a month previously. Over the follow week its price remained pretty consistent, and then by May 20th, things started to look a little brighter. The Lisk to USD value was around $3.41, and then just 24 hours later, it has rose even further, to $4.08.

After this rise however, things began to go downhill for list, and for the following year it struggled to break the $1 mark. At some points throughout the year its value fell as low as 10 cents, and many people struggled to believe that it would ever be able to make its way out of this slump. This fall lasted all the way to May 23 of 2017, where the following day it eventually managed to break over the dollar mark, and had a value of $1.58. By June, it was valued at over $2, and then by August it had risen to over $7. It looked like things were finally on the up for this cryptocurrency.

On the 14 December, it broke the $10, much to the delight of its early investors, before skyrocketing to nearly $25, which is an impressive improvement.

Improving The Value Of Lisk

Over the next few months the price began to gradually drop again, and those behind the company felt as though something had to be done. On March 17th there was an exclusive event held at the University of California, which had the aim of explain how Lisk was going to solve the problem of scalability. Then there was another event held on March 20th and 21st in Hong Kong, which had the objective of bringing togather developers from different crypto-communities around the globe. Developers could exchange ideas and make partnerships, with Lisk represented by Max Kordek. The event had global attention, and therefore gave the coin a lot of publicity.

Additionally, Lisk is also partnering up with Pantos, a multi-chain platform that will allow Lisk to join a growing community of blockchain platforms. These events and the partnership made the price of the coin rise substantially in the days following.

The Future Of Lisk

This gradual yet solid improvement in price is meaning that Lisk is gaining a lot of interest from developers. The future price of the cryptocurrency is looking promising for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is pushing past its immediate competition when it comes to smart contract blockchains, plus it is a huge believer in one of the most popular programming languages, JavaScript. This means that it is one of the easiest platforms out there for developers to use, and may even encourage other developers to give it a try. It is for these reasons that Lisk is certainly one to watch!