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Buy Tether USDT


For many potential buyers, what puts them off investing in cryptocurrency is the security factor. With Tether, that will never be an issue, as Tether’s coins reflect the exact value of the US dollar, and that exact value is held in reserve. Does that indicate that Tether are in some way connected to the US mainstream in a way most cryptos would love to be? Let’s find out.

For many investors, a cryptocurrency is judged by its value per coin, and the resulting potential of the total sum of money that would be created should all its issued currency be sold at that value. So, a crypto with 1 billion issued coins is worth $1 billion dollars if each coin is valued at one dollar. If the value of a coin rises to ten dollars, suddenly the market cap of that cryptocurrency is $10 billion.

However, what sets Tether apart from other cryptos is its pledge to match the value of a US dollar with every coin. Tether’s value will never skyrocket one week then plummet the next. It’s value will always be rock-solid. Tether have issued 2 billion coins, so the market cap will be $2 billion. That said, with the ever-increasingly strong US economy – and dollar – a Tether coin purchased in the US for one dollar will be worth significantly more if sold in another market, for Yen or Euros for example.

What Is Tether?

Tether is a cryptocurrency whose creators claim has a value which is an exact reflection of the current value of the U.S. dollar. Tether coins are mined off the Bitcoin blockchain via the Omni Layer Protocol. A Tether (USDT) coin is an asset backed token, and its ideal function is to act as a gateway between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The thinking behind Tether was to build the most stable of all cryptocurrencies, one that would be a reflection of the currency of the world’s largest economy, and one that would in effect be “digital dollars”.

Subsequently, Tether has since claimed that they will repeat this valuation in accordance with the country it is being purchased/used in. The Tether website states that:

“Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or tether the value to the price of national currencies like the US dollar, the Euro, and the Yen.”

Who Created Tether?

Tether was created by US tech entrepreneur and former child movie star Brock Pierce, and first saw the light of day in July 2014. However, back then it was known by its original name of Realcoin. Four months later, company CEO Reeve Collins announced the coin would be rebranded as Tether, and that the company would relocate from Santa Monica California to Hong Kong. In January 2015, Tether went live.

Today, Tether is ranked 14th among the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies. Its current market cap is $2.28 billion, with some 2.28 billion coins in circulation. Tether coins are of course valued at $1.00.

What Are Tether’s Uses?

Just because Tether’s value is limited to the current value of a US dollar, it doesn’t restrict its use – in fact quite the opposite. One of the main uses of Tether is to purchase other cryptocurrencies. Many traders who regularly purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum on exchanges will use Tether to purchase those cryptocurrencies. When it’s time to sell, the value will be assessed in Tether then purchased in Tether, allowing for a quick and easy exchange into the preferred fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency exchanges often have unsteady relationships with banks, so by using Tether, they can bypass those issues altogether. As is stated on the Tether website:

“Exchange users know how risky it can be to hold fiat currencies on an exchange. With the growing number of insolvency events it can be quite dangerous. As mentioned previously, we believe that using Tether exposes exchange users to less counter-party risk than continually holding fiat on exchanges.”

The primary reason why Tether ranks so highly on the crypto rankings – especially for a currency with little to no investments value – is purely because of its usefulness as a purchasing tool.

Should I Invest In Tether?

In a word – no – and that’s not a knock against Tether. In the cryptocurrency industry, Tether is a tool, indeed some have described it as a form of “parking” currency. An investment is a financial purchase made with a view to later sell at a profit. The only way this would work with Tether would be to purchase for example, $10,000 worth of Tether, then, if the dollar was strong against the Yen, and the purchaser intended to do business in the Japanese market, they might make a substantial profit when converting Tether dollars to Yen.

Otherwise, Tether should be purchased prior to making a crypto transaction. Whether that would be a purchase of another cryptocurrency or goods from a crypto-friendly website, the benefit of using Tether is that the value is unshakable – a Tether coin equals one US dollar – therefore streamlining the transaction and keeping surcharges to a minimum.

How To Purchase Tether

If you want to purchase cryptocurrency, either as a short or long-term investment opportunity, or to use as a currency to trade for goods, simply open an account with today.

Buying cryptocurrency with could not be easier:

  • Select your preferred cryptocurrency – in this instance Tether
  • Click on the “Invest Now” button
  • Add your details to the Contact Form plus the amount of Tether you wish to purchase and hit “Send”

A salesperson will contact you shortly and guide you through the purchase process. Your Tether share will appear in your account as soon as the transaction is complete. You can access your account at any time, allowing you the option of purchasing more Tether, selling some or all of your Tether coins and have the balance paid out to your bank account, or using your Tether coins to make a bank transfer or online purchase.